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Abhyanga - whole body massage with oils

Abhyanga - whole body massage with oils

The Abhyanga massage means literally unction, it consists in massaging oil into the skin. The oils used for massage are known for their positive influence on the immunity system. The more stress you deal with (both physical and mental), the more oil we need for the massage.

All the Ayurveda massages are supposed to restore the energetic balance to the organism and thereby, eliminate any physical and mental ailments. Every Ayurveda massage makes energy circulate throughout your body freely and undisturbed. It should restore the energy called prana to the energetic channels called nadis. By pressing given points on the body, we can easily bring the physical, mental and spiritual health back and prevent ailments for the future.

Price from: 350PLN
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Udvartana - massage with Indian herbs

Udvartana - massage with Indian herbs

Back then, in the ancient times, this treatment was reserved to the future wives of Maharajas only. Today, the udvartana, which means a slimming powder treatment, is available to everyone. The Udvartana treatment is used during slimming therapies. It is used to remove cellulite changes, skin changes, excessive sweating and rheumatic ailments. Effectively gets rid of toxins, improves blood circulation. Strengthens muscles, shapes your silhouette and makes your skin look healthy. The Ayurveda oil is used to treat scars, weak digestion, widened capillaries, varicose veins. Shows also warming properties.

UDVARTANA + Abhyanga, 300 PLN, 1h 30 min

Price from: 250PLN
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Shiro Abhyanga - massage of the head, neck, arms and neckline

Shiro Abhyanga - massage of the head, neck, arms and neckline

The treatment called Shiro Abhyanga is an Ayurveda massage of the head, shoulders, the upper part of your back with warm oil which not only loosens the accumulated stress but also heals your aching psyche and the whole body. In this way, you will nourish the hair bulbs and the scalp. What is more, thanks to this special procedure, you will achieve internal harmony, alleviate the problem of insomnia, migraines and pains in the neck.

For the health:

  • Deep relaxation, fights against stress, sooths nerves, removes psychic tension (supports the secretion of serotonin into the blood which improve your frame of mind),
  • Supports your memory and concentration, improves the ability to think even if you’re very tired, helps in case of headaches, also migraines
  • Helps in case of insomnia
  • Lowers high blood pressure

For the beauty:

  • Improves the circulation in your scalp, as a result, yor hair is better nourished
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Warm oil soothes the scalp
  • Your hair becomes soft and shiny
Duration:40 min.min
Price from: 200PLN
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One of the most important Ayurveda treatments. Provides you with relaxation beyond measure, brings harmony, peace and distance… This treatment consists in massaging the chakra of the so called “third eye” with a stream of warm oil. It’s called a treatment of youth and longevity. Has a blissful impact on the nervous and hormonal system. Reduces stress, removes chronic headaches and sinus pains, insomnia, nervousness, disorders of eyesight and hearing. Nourishes your scalp and hair.

* SHIRODHARA + Abhyanga massage 350 PLN, duration: 1h 30 min

Duration:30 min.min
Price from: 150PLN
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